Daleco Resources Corporation, a Nevada corporation, with operating offices in West Chester, Pennsylvania, was re-located to Nevada in March 2002, from Delaware where it was incorporated in September 1997. The Company was originally incorporated in Toronto in June 1966 as Westland Copper Mines, Ltd. which was formed to conduct mining activities in Canada.

As a result of a series of ownership changes between 1966 and 1974, the Company's name was changed to United Westland Resources Ltd. and domiciled in Vancouver, British Columbia. In September 1976, after acquiring control of some oil and gas properties in the United States, the Company was restructured with a U.S. subsidiary, Westlands Resources Corporation, to conduct oil and gas operations in the United States. The Company continued to expand its oil and gas activities by drilling wells in California, Texas, Louisiana, Ohio and West Virginia.

In 1981, the Company participated in the development of the Pina Bete silver mine in the State of Nayarit, Mexico. In November 1981, the Company merged with Reef Resources Corporation, a Canadian company holding certain oil and gas properties operated by Westland Resources. United Westland Resources, Ltd. remained the surviving entity and continued to expand oil and gas exploration and development in the United States. In May 1986, United Westlands Resources, Ltd. changed its name to Daleco Resources Corporation.

In September 1995, Daleco acquired Sustainable Forest Industries, a Delaware corporation. Sustainable Forest Industries was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daleco holding tropical hardwood timber concessions in Guyana, South America. The operations of this subsidiary were shut down in 2004.

In October 1996, Daleco acquired Deven Resources, Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation, and its subsidiary, DRI Operating Company, incorporated in May 1991 and September 1995 respectively. These entities have been continually engaged in the operation of oil and gas producing properties in Alabama, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and West Virginia since that time.

Daleco renewed its mineral activities in September 2000 with the acquisition of Clean Age Minerals, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Clean Age Minerals, Inc. with its subsidiaries, CA Properties, Inc., a Nevada corporation, and Lone Star Minerals, Inc., a Texas corporation (subsequently merged into CA Properties) control mineral properties located in Texas, New Mexico and Utah. Clean Age Minerals, Inc. also holds a patent related to certain environmental remediation applications for zeolite based products. The Company refers to these products as its CA-Series Engineered Products. One of these application specific products is ReNuGen(tm) which is utilized in waste water treatment applications. Since the acquisition of Clean Age Minerals, Daleco has been actively pursuing the development of mineral-based products and the commercialization of its mineral holdings.  

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